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A Pair of blackbirds - A6 Card

A Pair of blackbirds - A6 Card


Packed in a cellophane bag, this card includes a white envelope from recycled paper. This A6 card takes a standard first class Royal Mail stamp and is left blank for your own message.

A pair of lovebirds decorates this card. The female has delicate shades of brown, perfect camouflage for when she is nesting. Blackbirds make beautiful round nests of moss and twigs while their eggs are light blue in colour, combining the elements of earth and sky. I try to look out for these birds in the spring and keep them free from invading cats and other hazards.  Each year I am rewarded with song and entertainment as the young birds chase their parents begging for food.

This is a sweet card and suitable for most occasions.

This design is also available as a print.

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