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Down in yon forest- A6 card

Down in yon forest- A6 card


Packed in a cellophane bag, this card includes a white envelope from recycled paper. This A6 card takes a standard first class Royal Mail stamp and is left blank for your own message.

This year, send a Christmas carol with a difference.  This card is an illustration of a medieval carol that is shot through with religious imagery and symbols.

Known as the Corpus Christi hymn, this was a traditional song that was collected by first found by an apprentice grocer named Richard Hill in a manuscript written around 1504. The original writer of the carol remains anonymous. The earliest surviving record of the piece preserves only the lyrics and is untitled. It has survived in altered form in the folk tradition as the Christmas carol "Down In Yon Forest".

The first stanza 'Down in yon forest there stands a hall, the bells of paradise I heard them ring,' leads us into a truly beautiful song that is rich in religious imagery and, some think, of the grail legend.

For this illustration I have taken the traditional richness of medieval art and packed the card with moonlight, flowers, scarlet and gold.

This is a rich, colourful and thought provoking card.

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