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Rabbits - A6 Card

Rabbits - A6 Card


A while ago I walked into a pet shop to see a child pulling at a panicked rabbit’s ears shouting. ‘I want this one Daddy, I want this one.’

Clearly something had to be done, so I did it. I bought the rabbit and carried the astonished creature home in an improvised box. It was Christmas so she immediately set about eating the tree that she saw as a miraculous treat. My new rabbit was a beautiful Rex Otter, with black fur on her top and a luminous silver white on the underside. Her whiskers and eyelashes went on for miles. I called her Lupin and she ruled the roost. Lupin graciously allowed me to live in my flat, but all other visitors she tried to eat. I used to take her to my allotment where she would oversee the plants and nibble thoughtfully at roses. She was a great, fierce little character and friend.

Here she is giving me a hard stare. She is captured in watercolour pen and ink.

Hugely popular card at craft fairs and exhibitions, she is just waiting to hop into your heart.

This card is available as a print.

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