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Long-eared owl in field - A6 Card

Long-eared owl in field - A6 Card


Packed in a cellophane bag, this card includes a white envelope from recycled paper. This A6 card takes a standard first class Royal Mail stamp and is left blank for your own message.

This study of a long-eared owl shows him with a favourite food source, a field mouse. An inhabitant of the New Forest, this owl is a notoriously difficult to spot. The long-eared part of the name is a misnomer as they are not ears, but feathers - angled to help the bird hear his prey more clearly. On this card, you can see him easily, resting on a post before he begins his hunt.

It's a joy to paint autumnal meadows and to capture their muted amber tones. I love to hunt through them too; peering through the blades of grass you can discover miniature worlds, peopled with insects and small mammals, seeds containing everything a plant needs to start again.

This card is often chosen by and for men, but it is perfect for everyone who loves to be outdoors.


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