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Carved Reindeer Antler Spoon

Carved Reindeer Antler Spoon


Unusual Sami or Saami Inuit Lapland carved reindeer or antler bone spoon. Decorative pieced handle and a charming scrimshaw reindeer etched into the bowl of the spoon. Possibly a hunting scene as there may be an arrow incised on the body.

Age unknown but due to patination I would guess no later than early 20th Century. (From a house clearance this year).

The Sami people lived in Scandinavia and the arctic areas of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia.

This is a charming piece of folk art in very good condition. No splits or damage with just occasional rough edge in places.

Approx. 10 cm by 4 cm. Price includes insurance and postage in the UK.

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Perfect gift for the Game of Thrones fans in your life. Would have been created cherished and used by the wildlings.

But seriously, this is a very unusual piece, I spend a lot of time trawling antique fairs and I have not seen anything so powerful as this piece of scrimshaw.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful piece of folk art. This won’t be with Enchanted England for very long. Please get in touch if you need more details.