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For an autumn wonderland, step out into Enchanted England

The grace lying within this tree is not the only reason to give it a second glance. The Silver Birch has a close and complicated relationship with fungi. In Autumn it is never a surprise to find the Fly Agaric growing close to its roots and sheltering branches. In addition the downy milk cap and the ugly milk cap (don’t eat any of them) are known to have a close kinship with these trees.

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A Glastonbury tale of toads and tors

We walked down the lanes toward our parked car. The tarmac was blistering in the heat - even through our shoes we could feel its warmth, when - out of the corner of my eye - I saw a tiny movement in the lane. A toad was making its way across the road. It walked slowly, taking no notice of anything around it. To help avoid the broiling tarmac it raised two opposite limbs off the road before taking a step, setting each pair down and raising the next as it made its careful way to a cool green woodland that lay opposite. Inadvertently creating an innovative street dance - the animal remained oblivious to its audience.   On reaching the damp banks the toad paused before plunging back into its own world. The creature was an unexpected joy. With perfect timing, without unicorns, elves, angels or dragons, Glastonbury delivered a tiny piece of natural magic.

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