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Half A Tide - a tale for Halloween

‘ “The Mud Larks called me out.” said the Mud Walker. He was huge in the hut.  Black, immense and difficult to see.  He opened his pockets and fetched out a small lantern. He lit it. The light fought against the fog and the night. It burned feebly and cast huge shadows.’

A short story for Halloween - sparked by a chance remark from a former Pompey policeman whose work involved the recovery of bodies. (1980s)

Author Sarah Keen - all rights reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any format without permission from sarahNet Ltd.

Cover illustration Water-Ocean - dark Monster - rain- Cthulhu-ships - hp-lovecraft-digital

Reproduced by kind permission of the owner.

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Angels, Emotions & Selling

Felicity has also proved to be popular in my fine art print range. She floats on creamy, 100% cotton  rag paper, a simple, fluid line drawing.  I came out from behind the stall and explain all of the above, that she was a rapidly produced picture that flowed from the end of a gold pen one autumn afternoon. Felicity does dance, but even so my fine art printer had surprised me by selecting her as one that should be included in my normally more colourful range of prints.

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To Salisbury with Love - Enchanted England Craft Fair

An hour later, I drove into Salisbury. At a curve in a road, the Cathedral spire rises above the horizon and seems to float on the landscape. Its graceful grey stones seemingly defies gravity as it reaches up into the skies.  The  streets were also shining, bunting had been hung out in every road. It was a bright, joyful and pretty scene. Only a large police presence gave away the stress the city has been under in recent weeks. 

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Chalk rivers run, clear to the sea

A summer’s walk  in its meadows and the great chalk rivers that run clear to the sea.  Hidden by the bulrushes and the sweeping golden grasses I take off my outer clothing. I slip into the waters and swim, pale as a fish. I slip up river and then return to the hidden bank. I  wade to the shore, earthbound once more.

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