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Will you go, blackbird - to my dearest love

This year, the air has been full of blackbirds. They fly from hedges and fence tops. They perch on posts and twirl their aerial displays through wrought iron gates. A male blackbird lights upon the a lawn. A glossy black image on a spring green background. He swaggers a few steps and turns his head on one side. He looks like a tiny seller of contraband. He fixes me with his upward eye that is set in ring of yellow. ‘Lady,’ he is about to say to me,’ Lady to you want any ciggies?’ Then spying a beak perhaps, or chicken or a rabbit, he disappears with a sideways scuttle under a hedge. He will return to scavenge on red currents and corn left behind by the hens.

In Celtic tradition, the blackbird was one of three sacred birds of Rhiannon. Some folklorists feel that the birds actually lived with Rhiannon on the Happy Isle of the Blessed where they could sing for the Queen indefinitely. Linked with the Raven and the Crow by virtue of his black feathering, the blackbird was seen as bird who could connect the living to the spirit world.

In the evening and the dawn, this bright bird hymns his song of beauty to the day. Each soaring note takes him further away from his vagabond ways and he is transformed. He sings through time and forever. His tune a folk song known to all peoples.

This beautiful Welsh song implores a blackbird to seek the singer’s lost love. Let us hope this dark little bird, will search through the dusk for the fair maiden and find her.

A Ei Di'r Deryn Do.

Will you go, blackbird
To my dearest love
Oh reach out to my branch
For I’m so deep in love.

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