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Blue birds of happiness - Valentine ideas from Enchanted England

Although snow threatens this week, February is just around the corner and spring is hard on its heels. Outside, bulbs are driving their sharp blades up through frost, and soil. Flowers are on their way, I can see daffodils swelling with buds, their folds tinted with just the delicate hints of yellow that promise sunshine indoors and out. I watched a coal tit singing from a buddleia tree this morning. Each time it received a delicate call back from a neighbour’s garden. The bird thrilled each time it heard the reply. This was not a territorial song, clearly. It jumped from branch to branch delighted by the response it was receiving. If ever a bird was posing, this bird was. Finally the female flew up onto the fence to get a better look and both continued their call and reply for some minutes before flying off to whirl round the gardens, one chasing the other and back again to land in the hedges no doubt to discuss nesting plans.

Watching these lovebirds reminds me that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Enchanted England has an exciting new card and print to help us celebrate. Fall in love and send one of these to make someone’s day.

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Much love x

Enchanted England